Call for Interest: UCLan Collective Writing Events



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Calling all PhD students and early career researchers/lecturers!  Fancy taking part in some collective writing activities?  Are you wanting to finally finish *that* PhD chapter, get an article sent off, work on a job application, finish preparing a seminar presentation – or simply fancy sharing tips, successes or woes with peers?

My name is Emily and I am a recently appointed Lecturer in Human Geography at UCLan.  As a part-time PhD student (and now as an early career lecturer) I found collective writing days/retreats really therapeutic and productive, and they were very popular at my previous institutions.  These events can take several forms, with the main ones being:

  • Short ‘#shutupandwrite’ sessions (ranging from an hour, to a full morning or afternoon) involving blocks of quiet writing, with scheduled breaks for refreshments and sharing progress (check out @suwtuk, #acwri, #suwt and #diysuwt for where the idea came from, Twitter users!)
  • Writing retreats, with an ‘away day’ feel,  so a close-by external venue will be booked (likely a full day, or multiple days – perfect for summer!)
  • Seminar-based activities, where somebody shares a piece of work they are currently amending (or have a finished draft of) for constructive and supportive feedback from the group.  This has proven invaluable for me in the past – my first publication definitely wouldn’t have got through the review process so quickly without one of these sessions, and I got some really helpful job advice on another occasion too
  • There is also a possibility, should this be something that takes off well here, of starting an early career/phd student seminar series for presentations on research and general tips on early career academic life.  But I’ll see what happens.

All of the above usually involve cake, caffeine, possibly alcohol, and potentially all of these, during and after the events.  All are welcome!

We have an email list going of everybody interested in being kept in the loop about events such as the above.  So, the first thing to do is to let me know if you want to be added to the list!  Please include your email address, department/school and job title/student status.   You can also join the Facebook group:  Any volunteers for co-running the more comprehensive sessions would also be greatly appreciated.  We meet around once per month, but sometimes more!

Feel free to contact me and get a bit more information about the above before committing to the email list if you would like to.  You can also contact me more informally via my Twitter account (apologies in advance for all of the cat tweets…) @liminographer.  Even if you don’t want to participate in the above, but fancy meeting up for a coffee or a drink with a fellow ECR, then please do get in touch!

Happy writing!